A Writer That Signs


Working together, Sean and DeeDee love to see people succeed. 

DeeDee helps businesses showcase their wins with case studies and attracts more soon-to-be happy customers with strong email sequences.

Sean uses his Bachelor’s of Business Management in his day-today management position as well as advising other Deaf Business Owners to find success with their companies.

Together Sean and DeeDee navigate through the business world, supporting one another and everyone they meet up with.

A couple of years after initially meeting in high school, Sean asked DeeDee out to a movie. Being the mover and shaker that he is, he followed that date with love notes and roses, eager to pursue a relationship. Even though DeeDee had to slow him down quite a bit, 9 months later they were married. 

Making family a priority, they knew that DeeDee would stay home with any kids and Sean would go to work. True to form they have 7 beautiful children and DeeDee only had a part-time job for a few months to pay medical bills. However, within a few years of marriage and children, DeeDee was able to earn and receive her Bachelor’s of Health Science with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Lifetime Wellness. In turn, Sean managed to graduate with his Bachelor’s of Business Management in 2020. 

Working together through a few different businesses, some stronger than others, Sean and DeeDee have learned a thing or two. The biggest and best lesson they learned is where their individual strengths lie and how to work together instead of fighting each other.

That is how Quigg Quality Services, LLC came about. Sean and DeeDee utilizing their strengths to help others find success.

Writing is something that has always come fairly easily to DeeDee. She finds it a release when frustrated with communications. In helping Sean through college, she learned that she can serve the Deaf by helping them put their “voice” into written English. So whether you use American Sign Language or you just don’t feel like a strong writer, she will help you showcase your business through writing.

Sean has held various management positions and loves to help others. When DeeDee struggles to understand some Deaf, he steps right up as her CDI to ensure clear communication. He has a terrific way of making people feel good and empowered. Fighting to overcome a lot of discrimination in the workplace, he knows how to support others in the same boat.

We are currently accepting clients needing help with Copywriting  and Business Consulting on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in meeting one of us, we would love to meet you.

 Please schedule a Discovery call here or send us an email at deedee@quiggqualityservices.com.

Hope to meet you soon.