A Writer That Signs

Good communication is important.
When you run a business, good communication is ESSENTIAL.

You need someone who knows how to write to your audience…

 You need someone who can put your voice on paper….

You need someone to interpret and communicate sign language to clearly communicate your message…

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Hi, I'm DeeDee!

I’m a copywriter that is fluent in American Sign Language.

 I write copy to evoke action so your money is a good investment instead of just ads. 

With ASL and copywriting, I know the challenges and frustrations of working through interpreters – too often they think they know what you’re signing, but actually mix things up and the recipient doesn’t have the whole picture.  Using ASL and interacting with the Deaf daily, along with a propensity for questions, leaves me the best fit to make sure the whole message is conveyed. 

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Case Studies

Case studies are one of the strongest
forms of social proof.
We interview your very happy customer so we can tell their success story to your audience, increasing your credibility and visibility.

Email Sequences

Stay in communication with your customers by showing up in their inbox on a regular basis. Email sequences help inform and excite your audience and remind them of your value.


Websites are usually the second point of contact for potential customers and the place they turn to for information on your business. We help convert your browsers into buyers.

I wish there were 10 stars to rate how valuable she is. Yesterday, she helped me with some computer related issues right on my screen. She is turning around my amateur attempts at writing. You need to call her and use her help today!
Thomas Caddy
I want to highlight DeeDee as a person who can create your personality and message on paper or digitally so others are attracted to you. Copywriting is a specialized skill, and one of DeeDee's many strengths. In working with DeeDee, she has the specialized skill of taking complex and complicated text and content and making it easy to understand by the common person reading about it. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with her work.
Rodney Rohm

I would love to learn more about your business and how I can help!
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